About us

  • AngEli Jewellery flew to the United Kingdom following a 'chance' meeting in Egypt - read our story in our blog
  • All our designs are made with high quality components, including Swarovski crystals, and our pendant chains and clips are nickel-free.

Meet our team

Founder Elisabetta Lupano

Elisabetta Lupano

Elisabetta is a kundalini yoga teacher with ten years experience. In addition, she has a passion for studying Celtic Harp and singing, which she combines with her yoga classes to provide a unique experience for her students.

A Master Angel Healer, Elisabetta regularly runs workshops at her retreat centre, The Temple of the Angels, in Rome, with guest speakers from across the world. Elisabetta gains inspiration for the myriad of Angel designs through her dreams, and she loves helping give people the chance to experience the vibration of their chosen Angel through her exquisite jewellery.

Elisabetta is very active on social media, especially her Arcangeli del Sogno Facebook page, where she engages with many thousands of followers.

Kate Thomas

Kate Thomas

Following many years of running her own successful business, Kate has moved away from the corporate world to explore and embrace the spiritual side of life.

Having qualified as a practitioner in Angelic Reiki and Seichem Reiki along with FLP (Future Life Progression) and PLR (Past Life Regression), she loves to use these modalities to support people as they move through perceived blocks to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Kate represents AngEli Jewellery in the UK and is dedicated to spreading the message of Elisabetta's wonderful jewellery range, encouraging people to seek support from their angels and strengthen their spiritual connection.